Cascade Nurse Staffing
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Cascade - A Staffing and Recruitment Partner You Can Trust Cascade has a rich tradition of providing superior medical staffing and home care services to many of the finest organizations in Missouri and Kansas. This excellent reputation is derived from placing emphasis on solutions-based services, recruitment of highly talented personnel and embracing an uncompomising dedication to customer statisfaction and regulatory compliance. Established in 1988 to address the health personnel shortage, today Cascade is the largest and most established healthcare staffing and recruitment firm in the area. When you partner with Cascade, you are partnering with a proven leader.

Customized Staffing and Recruitment Solutions.
Cascade will work with you to develop a customized staffing and recruitment program that suits your needs and fits within your organization's mission of delivering superior care and services. You can decide how large or small a role you wish for Cascade to play in your overall staffing strategy. From vendor management services to daily staffing, we do it all, and we consistently do it better than anyone else in the industry. Our services include:

Vendor Management - If you are tired of contacting multiple staffing and recruitment agencies in an attempt to fill your scheduling and hiring needs, we can help. Our vendor management solutions are designed to provide you a "one call" solution. You simply call us with your needs, and we will take care of the rest. We will work on your needs internally as well as seek out assistance from other third party vendors. You will benefit from standardized credentialing and compliance policies which will remove the guess work and difficulty in maintaining proper agency personnel credentials. Our centralized, single contract vendor management services will save you both time and money, improve client/patient satisfaction and positively impact your bottom line.

Daily Staffing - Also called Per Diem or PRN. When staff illness or call-ins put you in a bind or census suddenly jumps up, you can rest easy knowing that Cascade's PRN pool is available 24/7 to fill in those last minute gaps.

Contract & Travel Staffing - If you need coverage for a temporary but extended period (4 weeks or more) of time, we can provide staff on a contract basis. This type of arrangement can save significant money and time as well as improve continuity of care and effeciency in your operations.

Permanent Placement - If you are seeking to add a new member to your healthcare team, you should consider our perm placement services. Cascade's Recruitment Consultants maintain both local and national pools of highly qualified candidates. We also regularly conduct very specialized searches for our clients requiring employees with very specific and specialized skills and knowledge.

Temp to Perm & Contract to Hire - If you are seeking a permanent staff member but would like the opportunity to "try before you buy", a temp to perm arrangement is an excellent option to consider. You will have the benefit of a permanent staff member but without the initial "risks" associated with a typical new hire.

Seasonal Staffing - If your operations are subject to seasonal or cyclical staffing demands, utilizing our staffing services during these times can assist you in maintaining a consistent continuity of care and services for your clients/patients. We have a great deal of experience staffing and coordinating flu clinics and wellness clinics. These types of organizations, as well as many others, benefit greatly from our seasonal staffing approach.